Focus Areas
Applying Expertise and Teamwork to Deliver Results


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The 5Ps, LLC is dedicated to providing senior IT professionals, high quality services to their customers, and innovative solutions in a cost effective manner.  A successful solution is only executed by thoroughly understanding our customer' s challenges and issues.   Once a solution is reached The 5Ps employs the most innovative minds to put together a plan that will best utilize the resources allocated for any given project.  The following chart illustrates the value added services that The 5Ps can provide.


Insights on Trends and Directions that are Transforming Healthcare

  • Provide Insights and Implications in the New World of Healthcare Reform
  • Highlight Mega-Trends Such as Convergence of Payer/Provider/Pharma - Patient Centric Care - Evidence Based Decision Support - Access to Care - Electronic Records Exchange - and More
  • The Role of Technology to Usher in the Next Generation of Healthcare
  • The Role and Responsibilities of Leaders as the Vanguard to Map and Lead the Way Forward


Strategy and Portfolio Assessment

Provide expert, timely insights to guide strategy. This is of high value for Consulting/Professional Services organizations and Product/Solution companies. These engagements accomplish the following:

  • Review and Assess Current and Future Healthcare Market Trends
  • Identify Areas of High-Potential Impact
  • Assess Current Assets and Determine Their Market Impact and Value
  • Assess Competitive Landscape
  • Assess Current Customer Base In Light of Market Dynamics and Timing
  • Explore New Approaches to Increase Brand Awareness and Revenue Results


Insights and Best Practices from Military Healthcare

  • Current and Future Lessons to Expedite Progress and Avoid Dead Ends
  • Communications Models to Deliver High Quality Care
  • Methods to Drive and Monitor Health and Wellness before Healing and Care
  • Leading Indicators to Predict Population and Individual Trends
  • Leadership Models to Ensure Effective, Enduring Solutions and Cultural Support
  • Physician Leadership as a Vital Element for Rapid Acceptance of New Systems


Leadership Principles - Peer to Peer Guidance
The "5Ps" - A Proven Success Model for Leaders

  • Leadership Lessons Spanning All Leadership Situations
  • CEO Level Insights and Guidance - Peer to Peer Best Practices
  • Enduring, Guiding Principles to Drive Cultural Change, Momentum and Loyalty
  • Methods to Build Rapid Consensus and Team Alignment
  • Building and Retain High Performance Teams
  • A Proven Track Record and Model for Inspirational, Highly Effective, Results Focused Leadership