Maj. Gen. Granger Meets with Dr. Michael DeBakey

Maj. Gen. Granger Meets with Dr. Michael DeBakeyI would like to take this moment to recognize Maj. Gen. Elder Granger for his latest contribution as deputy director for TRICARE. Did you know that in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index hospital patients gave TRICARE a score of 89? That is substantially above the overall score for government and industry. I am pleased -- but not surprised -- to see this result under Gen. Granger's strong leadership.

Recently Gen. Granger met with another legendary figure -- Dr. Michael DeBakey -- in Houston, Texas. He interviewed Dr. DeBakey and highlighted this physician's many pioneering contributions to medicine and the Military Health System.

From The Military Health System Blog
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Posted by: S. Ward Casscells, M.D.