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Our Team provides proven leadership models and methods to drive results in the Commercial and Government arenas. We focus on aligning with our Clients to develop effective strategy and deliver rapid results enabled by best of breed technology solutions.

  • Advance and support the goals of our Clients
  • Engage proven leadership techniques to energize cultures and expedite positive change
  • Drive project success via well honed project methods
  • Utilize information technology to expedite, sustainable success
  • Empower and mobilize teammates through consistent success and morale

Additionally, The 5Ps Consultants has a track record of successful teaming initiatives. This approach allows us to pair our strengths with the strengths of other successful firms combining to form an efficient team of specialists that can deliver a cost effective product in a reasonable time. Our consultative approach allows us to completely understand our client’s problems, implement cooperative rather than competitive plans, which exactly meet our clients’ needs. In order to assure our teaming success we only pursue opportunities with firms that share our values, our standards, and complement our own competencies. This strategy has given The 5Ps and their teaming partners have an excellent record within the government and commercial agencies that have utilized our services.